Your house cannot directly communicate with you but as a house-owner, you must pick up on certain signs when it’s time for repairs or replacement. A major cause for concern are the windows. Even if you have high-grade and well-maintained windows, you should know that they cannot last forever, especially if they are more than a few decades old. Window replacement, in this regard, is an absolute essential. Since your windows also provide you with a sense of security, the earlier you replace them with modern ones, the more secured you will feel at your own house. So, if you need window replacement in locations like Fond Du Lac, Green Bay, Howard, Menasha, Oshkosh, Sherwood, etc. then rely on us at Wisconsin Window Pros. With our excellent service and customer driven approach, we have become a household name in our community. Since we understand the importance of having airtight, energy-efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing windows in your home, we offer our customers with a wide range of window options including casement windows, bow windows and others. Following a quick and precise installation, you will notice an immediate reduction in your overall energy usage.

Window Replacement in Fond Du Lac, Green Bay, Menasha, Oshkosh, Sherwood Take a look at these two tell-tale signs of window replacement.

  1. Warping

Although many people prefer to repair instead of replacing, it is always more prudent to go for the latter. Ifyou notice any kind of damage or warping signs or even a broken frame, you must look for window replacement options immediately. You must understand that delaying a problem will only make it develop other issues. Hence, replacing windows is a much better idea.

  1. High Energy Consumption

Drafty windows can significantly elevate your energy consumption. If you do not notice any signs of damage but a rising electricity bill, then it could mean that you need window replacement. Switching to more energy-efficient ones can reduce your cooling and heating bills by at least 25%.

If you wish to hire us as your replacement window supplier, then do not hesitate to call now at 888-308-7517.

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